10 Commandments for a Happy Marriage

Yes, it is the day of hearts, the season of love, the time for affirming and validating love and marriage!

There is no such thing as a perfect marriage. What appears like one is actually the product of commitment and dedication lived out through the daily toil and sacrifices of both husband and wife.

On this very special occasion, I’d like to share my own personal 10 Commandments for a Happy Marriage.


Thou shalt have no other lover than thy spouse. Your spouse is a divine gift you are to love and cherish till the last breath of your life. Next to God, your spouse must be the greatest love in your life – not your job, your hobbies, your sports, your friends.


Thou shalt not take the name of thy spouse in vain. Always strive to build up, affirm and protect the honor and reputation of your spouse as an integral extension of your own. Do not do anything that may harm or reduce it in any way.


Thou shalt keep significant dates holy. Nurture your love for your spouse through open communication, constant connection and a good memory. Always remember anniversaries, birthdays and special occasions – and celebrate them.


Honor thy children. Respect their uniqueness and individuality. Discover what God has endowed them with and help them develop and become what the Lord has intended them to be.


Thou shalt not kill thy love. Avoid things that kill the love – like selfishness, critical spirit, jealousy, intolerance, impatience, lack of understanding, unwillingness to give of self, complacency, insensitivity to feelings, and more.


Thou shalt be faithful to thy family. Strive to never bring shame and dishonor to your family. Take pride in every little and big successes; and be encouraging in failure. In seasons of plenty as well as in want, bring your family to God.


Thou shalt not steal joy from thy spouse. You and your spouse are one. The pain of one is the pain of both. Decide to always delight and uplift. Know everything that makes your spouse smile and, whenever there is a chance, cause it to happen.


Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy spouse. At all times, believe in your spouse. Always side with your spouse. Never badmouth or disparage your spouse. If you disagree, as you sometimes necessarily must, do so lovingly and with respect.


Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s spouse. Take care of your own garden so you do not try to smell the flowers elsewhere. Decide to love your spouse more each day; so that when you are both old and gray, your love will be quieter but deeper.


Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods. Work hard as you must, but choose contentment over ambition. Happiness is not in what you still aspire for but in what God has already given you.


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