About us

Dental Focus Center for Cosmetic and Orthodontic Dentistry is a dental clinic that has fast gained the loyal patronage of a rapidly growing clientele base cutting across different demographics not only because of the modern, state-of-the-art technology that it employs but also because of the homey ambience and the friendly atmosphere that have come to define it.

Managed by astute businessman Alvin de Luna and manned by more than a dozen cosmetic and orthodontic dentistry professionals led> by Dr. Ninia Rodil-De Luna, as well as well-trained dental staff whose primordial concern is to provide quality care to its patients, Dental Focus has attracted and developed the trust of the public, which includes celebrities in the entertainment industry and high-end patrons seeking special pampering and care for their dental needs.

By and large, Dental F.O.C.U.S. stands for:

Friendly Environment
From the congenial atmosphere of our clinics to the smiles of our staff, from our reasonable pricing scheme to the caring services of our dental team of professionals, you are assured that your dental appointment is a pleasurable experience you can go home and tell your family and friends about.
Yes, at Dental Focus, we value your friendship. You are not just a client; we would like to be your friend.


Optimum Quality
Our staff is a group of especially trained professionals whose personal mission is to ensure that every service we provide is imbued with the values bearing the seal of quality that the Dental Focus Center for Cosmetic and Orthodontic Dentistry is known for. We strive to take utmost care of the lower part of the face, which includes the mouth, teeth, tongue, gums and jaws; and provides the overall framework for the whole countenance.
Yes, at Dental Focus, you are assured of having only the best oral care services available.

Comprehensive Catalog of Services
We believe that a person’s smile is the window to his soul and we take pride in giving every patient the smile that best personifies his spirit. This is why we have a complete array of cosmetic and orthodontic dental services for you.
Yes, at Dental Focus, whatever your condition, problem or concern, we have the answer.


Ultimate Satisfaction
We guarantee that every person who enters the portals of Dental Focus Center for Cosmetic and Orthodontic Dentistry shall come out smiling. You may come for oral prophylaxis or for our special radiological services, for tooth extraction or for some cosmetic procedure, or you may just want to satisfy some curiosity about us or wish to inquire about what we can do for whatever dental need you may have – whatever your reason for coming, you will receive Star Treatment from us.
Yes, at Dental Focus, you are the boss – and we take seriously our solemn vow to make you feel like the star you are to us.

Special Care
When you come to us, you go to a place where you are assured to be with people who genuinely pay special attention not just for the alleviation of your pain but for your total welfare. We recognize the uniqueness of every individual and we address with personal care the need for affirmation, for a boost in self esteem, for the development of confidence and self awareness of holistic beauty.
Yes, at Dental Focus, we care for you.


What the Butterfly Means?
The butterfly in the logo signifies the values for which Dental Focus stands for:

  • The butterfly is usually colorful and inspires positive feelings.
  • The butterfly is soft and tender but is actually strong and resilient.
  • The butterfly ministers to the most beautiful part of plants – the flower – to help bring out the beauty of the plants.

Brief History
In May 1998, the husband-and-wife team or Alvin Rogelio De Luna, an astute businessman, and Dr. NiniaRodil-De Luna, an orthodontist, put up their first dental clinic in Molino, Bacoor, Cavite. This clinic still stands today and is fully operational, providing the most modern dental health care to the residents of Cavite and nearby communities.

Then, in November 2005, the second Dental Focus Center for Cosmetic and Orthodontic Dentistry has been established at the 2nd level of SM Supercenter Molino, which made available total and most comprehensive dental services to all types of patients.

On November 13, 2007, the third Dental Focus Center for Cosmetic and Orthodontic Dentistry opened its doors at Wing B, 3rd Level Festival Mall in Alabang, south of Metro Manila.

It was on November of 2010 that the fourth Dental Focus Center for Cosmetic and Orthodontic Dentistry entertained clients in SM South Mall. This is, by far, the biggest Dental Focus branch which provides the same quality service to its burgeoning clientele.

Right now, plans are underway to build more Dental Focus branches especially north of Metro Manila and in other key cities of the country as well. These are all a part of an ongoing 10-year strategic development plan being undertaken by the aggressive and indefatigable husband-and-wife team of Alvin and Ninia.

Proof of the overwhelming success of the Dental Focus Center for Cosmetic and Orthodontic Dentistry is the demographics of its highly satisfied patients who come from all walks of life – from the most exclusive, high-end villages as well as from the upper and lower middle-class subdivisions in the suburbs and from all over. Indeed, it is not uncommon for patients to come all the way not just from such distant Metro Manila cities as Quezon City and Caloocan but also from northern provinces as far as Bulacan, Pampanga, Tarlac, Pangasinan and others.

Quite curiously, only a small percentage of patients come to the Dental Focus Center for Cosmetic and Orthodontic Dentistry for tooth extraction, most of whom are children. A significant number comes for the more modern procedures that address and correct certain dental problems and improve esthetic values.

Our Mission
To provide total dental health care in a safe, caring, friendly environment where everyone deserves and is given star treatment.

Our Vision
To blaze the trail in the field of cosmetic and orthodontic dentistry in the Philippines through superlative clinical excellence and optimum patient’s satisfaction. Our solemn commitment is to our patients and to their health, happiness and enhanced self-worth.

Our Core Values

  • Dental Focus values oral health as an inseparable part of general health and welfare, and puts maximum premium on effectiveness and efficiency in providing holistic oral health services to its patients.
  • Dental Focus values dental care that is safe, comprehensive, accessible, affordable, high quality, continuous and respectful of individual patients and their families.
  • Dental Focus values health, health equity and the quality of life that results from optimum health attainment, including oral health attainment.
  • Dental Focus values society’s recognition of oral disease as a significant health problem that must be adequately addressed in the different stages of life of infants, children, adolescents and adults.
  • Dental Focus values a dental workforce that can meet the needs of patients by having adequate size, high level of competency in both knowledge and skill, and a deep reservoir of compassion.
  • Dental Focus values the scientific base of its profession and the need to continue improving that base through research, experimentation and the promotion of evidence-based care.
  • Dental Focus values its commitment to be constantly attuned to the constantly evolving technological trends in modern dentistry in order to provide its patients with the most up-to-date services.
  • Dental Focus values the overall background from which its patients come from and takes this into consideration in the provision of total, holistic oral health care to them.
  • Dental Focus values courtesy, thoughtfulness, sensitivity and responsiveness to its patients’ feelings, needs, comfort and total well being.
  • Dental Focus values the hand of God that directs the hands of its team of dental professionals in caring for its patients and providing them with the best dental care available today.
  • Dental Focus abides by these Core Values and commits itself to them in the course of providing diagnosis and treatment of its patients’ oral health needs.

Our Motto
Go beyond patient’s expectations!

Dr. Jovy Reyes-Sales
This alumna from the College of Dentistry of Centro Escolar University is a self-confessed lolo’s girl. She got her passion for pulling teeth from her grandfather who was a dentist in Malolos, Bulacan. Her greatest fulfilment in work comes from the satisfaction that a patient’s smile gives. She is proud to say that she helped restore that smile on her patient’s face. Naturally thriving on challenges, Dr. Jovy’s specialty is doing dental surgery. The harder the case is, the greater the challenge. And the greater the challenge, the bigger the fulfilment.Dr. Jovy’s sense of achievement comes from the success of every dentist in Dental Focus because she, with Dra. Ninia, practically trained each one of them not only in how best to do dental procedures but also in how best to deal with patients.
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Dr. Grace Panas-Dimailig
Quite curiously, she just wanted to wear white. But she soon discovered that there is more to love in being a dentist than just wearing an immaculate uniform. “As I learned more about it in school, I got the affirmation that this is really God’s plan for me,” she relates.Dr. Grace draws immeasurable delight from working in Dental Focus because she is able to really nurture her passion for dentistry here. She reveals, “We have a lot of patients everyday and there is a wide variety of cases to attend to. We don’t just do simple tooth extraction but very difficult cases too. “Also, quite significantly, we have a lot of tooth restoration, especially cosmetic bonding. I wouldn’t have this kind of experience had I chosen to pursue private practice. One more thing, here at Dental Focus, we do not only have a professional relationship; we are a family here.”
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Dr. Kaye Lopez-Datoy
As a child, Dr. Kaye was not afraid of dentists. In fact, the school dentist was her idol, which inspired her to dream of becoming a dentist too when she grew up. Her specialty is caring for the dental needs of kiddie patients. She shares a fond memory that never fails to cheer her up, “A four-year-old patient came to Dental Focus with fear written all over her face and tears were already beginning to well up in her eyes. I did not proceed with the cleaning right away. I focused on befriending her and gaining her confidence. “Later, it was she who demanded that I do something with her teeth; and so I did. When I was finished, she rewarded me with a big smile. I have a smile bank in my heart where I put all the smiles I got from, my patients. During sad days, I withdraw happy thoughts from my smile bank and my own smile is restored.”Dr. Kaye derives great satisfaction from working in Dental Focus because, she says, it provides her a wealth of experience that makes her not just a better dentist but also a better person.
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Dr. Leo de Vera-Vizcarra
His dream was to become a doctor. The way he figured it out, taking up dentistry would make him a doctor faster because it is just a six-year course compared to Medicine which could tie up eight to 10 years of one’s life in school. It was in dentistryschool that this alumnus of Centro Escolar University found out that he really has the gift for this special calling. Not only did he prove to be proficient in it, he also has the light-handed dexterity that is the mark of a good dentist. While adept at all dental procedures, Dr. Leo particularly likes doing cosmetic dentistry. He says, “There is added premium from boosting a patient’s confidence in himself. There is power in a person’s smile. A patient usually comes in with all her insecurities dimming her face. But after my work on her, her face visibly lights up and my heart soars.”
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Dr. Edward Lawrence Lim
This Caviteño finds the congenial atmosphere in Dental Focus clinics the perfect environment within which he can practice his profession. He says, “Working in Dental Focus is fun because it is like working with family. The work atmosphere in Dental Focus is very professional but also quite friendly. I get along with everyone, from the senior dentists to the dental aides and technicians. Also, the variety of patients that come to Dental Focus gives me the opportunity to really hone my craft and expertise.”
Dr. Edward is proud to assert that prosthodontics is his favorite area of dentistry. “Making dentures especially for elderly patients gives me utmost fulfillment and satisfaction. The most exciting part is when, after fitting their dentures for the first time, I hand over a mirror and their entire face literally lights up. I had one patient who even cried for joy. Making my patient get reacquainted with their smile is a major source of professional gratification for me.”
Dr. Edriann Anasarias
He is quite happy to live out his mother’s dream. Yes, it was his mom’s ambition to become a dentist, which failed to see the light of day because of economic constraints that her family had to contend with. But the dream did not die. In fact, it gained new life in Edriann who took it on, enrolled in dentistry school and is now making his mommy dear proud and happy.
Dr. Edriann is a new addition to Dental Focus’ growing family of dental professionals. He says, “Working here is very exciting. No day is the same because there are a lot of patients with different problems. I get the chance to apply everything I learned in school. I love the challenge. It brings out the best in me as a dentist – and as a person too.”


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