Baby Born with Teeth

When my baby was born two weeks ago, we were dismayed to see that he already has two front teeth. Is there any cause for alarm? – Gina Casas-del Mundo of Angono, Rizal

Indeed, it is rare but some infants are really born with teeth, just below the gum line. These are known as natal teeth and, according to the American Dental Association, are found in about one out of every two thousand births. Natal teeth are not milk teeth or primary teeth.

Natal teeth usually fall off given time; but they are usually removed by a dentist due to the prevalence of problems associated with them. Like, if it causes pain in the infant; if it gets in the way of feeding the infant adequately and well; if it gives discomfort to the breast feeding mother; or if it injures or causes damage to the tip of the infant’s tongue.

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