Birthday Prayer

Hey, guys! I’d like to share a secret. It’s my birthday today – March 20. But, no, I won’t tell you my age. That’s a lady’s prerogative. Besides, don’t you know that my age is a national security concern?

Kidding aside, as I was contemplating on what birthdays mean, and why ageing (or maturing) is usually the source of a certain sadness among us, women, my thoughts found their way to God.

That did not really come naturally. For quite a time, I stewed over how so hard the times are, how some people can be such a source of stress and tension in an otherwise tranquil world, how problems can sometimes snipe at you from nowhere to destroy the equanimity and composure you so worked hard to maintain.

But then, I realize, I have absolutely nothing to complain about and everything to be grateful for. Surely, there are still a lot of desires in my heart – but God has truly been good all the time for me.

This realization has sent me to my knees to say the prayer I now share with you, guys…

Dearest Father, as I mark another milestone on my birthday today, I come before You in endless praise and worship of Your awesome love for me. Indeed, You are a magnificent God! You are a marvelous God! You are an amazing God! You do not tire of giving and forgiving, of loving and caring, of comforting and providing for all my needs, of building and molding me to be not what I wish to be but what You, in Your wisdom, have planned me to be.

I thank you, Father, for everything that You are to me and for everything that I am because of You. I thank You for my family – my mother and my siblings, my husband and children, all receivers and bearers of Your love.

I thank You for Dental Focus, with which You have bountifully blest me, and used me to also be a vessel of Your blessings to others.

I also thank You, Father, for all the gifts  – gifts I do not deserve because of my frailties but which You have poured upon me purely because You love me. May these gifts make me love You more and serve You more. May they not be obstacles to my loving You and serving You but powerful inspiration that will propel me to strive closer and closer to You and to Your Son Jesus.

Lord, take away my selfishness and replace it with Your love. Take away my weakness and replace it with Your power. Take away my pride and conceit and replace them with the humility and forbearance that should define me as Your daughter. Take away my hurts and pains and replace them with the wellness that flows from the springs of Your affections. Take away, Lord, everything in me that is not of You and replace it with the desire to do Your Will.

Father, You have a record of my tears; You have a list of my afflictions. In my loneliness, cheer me. In my emptiness, fill me. In my nothingness, provide for me. In my weariness, refresh me. In my sinfulness, forgive me. In my sorrow, comfort me. In my doubts, assure me. In my apathy, energize me. In my destruction, restore me. In everything, love me.

And, Lord, grant me the courage to continue serving You in my own small way despite all the challenges and difficulties. Grant me the wisdom to seek Your Will and find Your Way amidst the confusions and distractions of this world. And grant me, Lord, the supreme privilege of helping make the world much better than when I first found it.



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