Christmas Message

As we celebrate Christmas, sometimes, the things that go with the celebration distract us from the meaning of the season. This Christmas, Dental Focus Center for Cosmetic & Orthodontic Dentistry enjoins one and all to seek the true substance and meaning of the birth of Jesus.

C             -              Change

Christmas allows us the opportunity to reconnect with God and reflect on what needs change in ourselves and in our lives; for us to be closer to how He created us to be, and for our lives to be more attuned to His will.

H             -              Hope

The message of the Season is hope. The light of hope must be kept alive in our hearts by sharing it with others especially those who are hopeless, helpless and hapless. That light shall glow more brightly as we share it with everyone whose lives need it most.

R             -              Revelry

Indeed, the mood of the holidays is that of joy and revelry. Let us express our happiness founded in the ties that bind us to our family, friends and loved ones as well as in the kinship we nurture with those who may have very little or no reason at all to celebrate – especially the poor, the sick, the hungry, the abandoned, the lonely. The abundance of cheer in our heart multiplies even more when shared with the likes of them.

I               -              Incarnate

Yes, Christmas means God sending His beloved Son into the world to become flesh and blood, truly human while truly divine, so that we may be saved and become rightful heirs to the richness of heaven.

S              -              Sacrifice

As Jesus Himself came into this world in a lowly manger, so must we offer ourselves, in the spirit of authentic sacrifice, to make our world a better place to live in. Henceforth, in the coming year and beyond, let us tread the path of sacrifice as we strive to live our life in loving imitation of Him who saved us.

T              -              Thankfulness

May we have the attitude of gratitude as we lift up our hands and hearts in thanksgiving to the Lord who never tires of showering us with His bounty despite our unworthiness and infidelity.

M             –              Magic

Let us never lose the magic that the Season casts upon us. Despite the stress, the busy schedules, the impossible deadlines, the hassles of everyday struggle, may the magic of Christmas forever light up in our eyes so we may share the glory of the infant Jesus in the manger.

A             -              Abundance

As no one can outdo God in generosity, let us bask in the lavish abundance with which He has blest us. Let us reflect on His graces and blessings in 2011 as we continue to anticipate His overflowing love in 2012.

S              -              Success

Let us fold our knees as we pray for God to crown all our efforts with success in all areas of our life – our family, our work, our community, our country and people. May the Lord not only spare our nation from calamities and disasters; may He even more pave the way for our prosperity and good fortune.



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