Dental Focus Experience

Let me start this post by stating that I am not an endorser of Dental Focus although my friends in the biz did recommend them to me for my dental needs. This is simply a very honest review of what has transpired yesterday.

For months now, Dave and I have been trying to get our schedule together to have his teeth fixed and looked at. The main issue here is that he has been traumatized by the dentists in the UK and we were looking for dentists that can sedate him so that they’ll be able to do the work. Dental Focus came into the picture because they said that they can do it and it wouldn’t be an exorbitant rate either. We did our research and indeed, we have seen that Dental Focus is great with their customers. We finally found a schedule that worked for all of us (the anesthesiologist, dentist and ourselves) and booked it in.

Initially, they said that the procedure would be for 10 am. I have to give it to them though that they were very thorough in reminders and they were also very precise with their instructions. Points for them, definitely. When the time for the procedure changed, they also immediately texted us. This was great because they gave us enough leeway to be able to make adjustments. Points again for being efficient. Then, disaster…

We were 10 minutes late for our 11 am appointment. When we got to the clinic in SM Southmall, the receptionist took our names and had us sign in the book. We were asked to take a seat and were made to wait as the anesthesiologist rang and was going to be late for about 30 minutes. That’s okay, traffic is such hell here in Las Pinas anyway. 40 minutes has passed and there was still nothing. We figured, it was just the usual traffic. I asked the receptionist for any updates and she said “Ay, malelate daw si doc. Mga 12 na daw siya darating.” (Oh, the doctor rang and said that he’d be late. He’ll be here at noon) I immediately raised my eyebrow and said “And you didn’t think it was relevant to tell us?” Ang sagot ni receptionist “Ay, kasi po inendorse lang sa akin ito” W.T.H?! Ohwenonaman ngayon kung inendorse sa iyo yan? Di mo ba naisip na kailangan kong malaman na malelate ang anesthesiologist? Pag inendorse sa iyo ang isang case, it becomes your responsibility and you need to know what should be done. I immediately asked for the manager after telling the receptionist: “You know, a pretty face isn’t going to cut it. You have to be on top of these things and you need to know your job”

In fairness to Doc Jovy, she was also not informed by the receptionist. Doc Jovy immediately called the anesthesiologist and asked what was going on. She profusely apologized and said that he is indeed on his way and he’s just running late due to traffic. She then said that she can give me the prescriptions so that I can purchase them now so I wouldn’t have to worry about buying them with a half lucid man. Good save there and very practical too. Point again for the manager, negative point for the ditzy receptionist.

Finally at 1 PM, we have had enough. Although the manager was extremely apologetic and was trying to appease us, it was just too late and we were too wound up having to waste 2 hours waiting without knowing for sure what time the other doctor was coming in. We were asking for our deposit back when lo and behold, the anesthesiologist finally appeared. He apologized but it really wasn’t okay at all.

Now, again, in all fairness to Dental Focus, the anesthesiologist wasn’t in house. This isn’t their fault. They’ve been ready and waiting since 10 am. The time was dictated by the anesthesiologist and he was also the one who screwed it up – big time. The staff and medical team of Dental Focus was nothing but stellar and outstanding. The short and curly of it is that David is very traumatized by the dentists in the UK. Any dental work that needs to be done on him requires him to be sedated. I told them that I was the only one who can soothe the 6 foot 2 inch and 236 pound giant so they should take their cues from me. I jokingly said “Sedation is cheaper than a lawsuit”. I loved the medical staff (with the exception of that receptionist). They listened to my cues, they didn’t force anything, they cheered when we finally pulled one tooth out, they fussed over David and they were just absolutely divine.

In summation, I would say that the staff and medical team in Dental Focus is nothing but outstanding. Just fire that receptionist or at least train her better. I really wanted to dye her hair blonde. And if possible, get an anesthesiologist that won’t be late or works closer.

Latest Update – We went back for a check up as Dave was still in pain. Doc Jovy checked him out and was surprised that he was healing faster than expected. (May pagka mutant kasi yang si Dave eh). She was again, nothing but pleasant and accommodating and warm. She even called us up today just to check on how Dave was faring. Amazing, amazing service. I can officially say that I love Dental Focus. – The Red Devil

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