How to have a killer Smile?

Many people come to Dental Focus not because they have a toothache needing immediate attention but because they want to improve the way they look. Generally, they want to have a better smile – the killer smile.

To have the killer smile, what is usually needed is to whiten the teeth. You also need to straighten them. Third, there may be some dark or discolored fillings that show when one opens his mouth. All these problems are pretty common and, thankfully, with today’s technology, can be easily remedied.

Yes, there is a general bias in favor of sparkling white, bright teeth because they make one more attractive and, yes, even youthful. A bad set of teeth certainly ages a person by many years, even a decade. But a whiter, brighter smile make people much younger than their years.

The first option is bleaching, which is fast, easy, safe, effective and very inexpensive. You are a good candidate for tooth bleaching if your teeth have good shape and alignment. Yelloyish teeth are easier to bleach than grayish teeth; but, of course, any teeth discoloration can be addressed by bleaching.

There are many factors that contribute to teeth discoloration such as bad habits like smoking or drinking coffee, tea and red wine. This means that, after several years, one may need to have bleaching touch-ups, which can actually be done as often as you wish without doing any damage to your teeth.

Another option one may choose is to have porcelain veneers. These are done by scraping a millimeter or so from the enamel of your teeth and covering it up with a thin shell or veneer of porcelain. A person can even select the shade he may want his teeth to have; and the colors will basically be even and uniform.

Also, porcelain veneers are effective in straightening teeth. And while you get your teeth straightened, you also get to whiten and replace any old fillings. You can also remedy the problem of mismatched teeth (teeth of different sizes) without tooth extraction.

Aside from porcelain veneers, one can also opt for porcelain crowns, which involve more reduction of tooth structure than veneers. These are usually the recommendation when there is severe decay or extensive fillings or damage to the teeth that need treatment.

I have already mentioned porcelain veneers as a good way to straighten teeth. Another option is orthodontic braces. The very good thing about braces is that it is natural. Your own teeth are moved to straighten them. The downside is that it usually takes a long time for the whole procedure to be done.

Whatever problem you may have, please do visit us at Dental Focus and we will help you identify the best way to address them. In this day and age, if you do not have a killer smile yet, it may be your fault.

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