Losing Milk Teeth

My six-year old is starting to lose his milk teeth. Is it wise to pull them out manually? Do I need to bring him to a dentist? РLina Villa-Benavides 

Children typically start losing primary teeth around five to six years of age. They will most likely continue to lose them until around twelve to thirteen years of age, at which point most of his or her permanent teeth have erupted. Primary teeth should be lost as naturally as possible, and should not typically be pulled until the permanent tooth makes it loose. If a primary tooth is pulled too early, then it creates the chances of the permanent tooth to become misaligned or crooked. Primary teeth fall out because the permanent tooth is pushing them to make room. Most teens have a total of 28 permanent teeth, plus four additional teeth, wisdom teeth, that will grow in behind in late adolescence.

Source: www.agd.org

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