Of Stars and Friends

In the handful of years since we opened our first Dental Focus clinic located along Molino Rd. in Bacoor, Cavite, we have established the distinction of being dentist to the stars. Indeed, we have a long list of movie celebrities as patients. How did this come about? Was this a part of some deliberate PR program?

Actually, the answer is no. It just so happened that one movie star was a walk-in patient and she was quite satisfied with what we have done for her and she started mentioning us to her showbiz friends, who sought us out and also became happy with our services and that sort of started the ball rolling.

The title “Dentist to the Stars” first came about when I guested as a resource person in the then QTV woman-oriented talk show “Moms” hosted by Lani Mercado-Revilla (now congresswoman of the second district of Cavite) together with Sherilyn Reyes and Manilyn Reynes. In describing me, the writer used the term “Dentist to the Stars” which was quite catchy. Somehow, the title has stuck and many new patients come to our clinics looking for the “Dentist to the Stars.” Actually, I feel a little uncomfortable with the title; but I don’t discourage it because, after all, it is good for business. (Ha-ha!)

Besides, indeed, we find ourselves truly flocked by movie celebrities who come to us for their and their family’s dental care needs. But what is most interesting is that there are many movie stars who readily endorse Dental Focus even before we have done anything for them. I think, this is because even before the professional relationship, we have already struck a friendship with them.

There are movie personalities with whom we hang out just to chill or to share a meal. We invite each other to each other’s family milestones; we keep abreast of each other’s happenings; we exchange personal stories as well as the gossips of the day. In other words, really, there is genuine affection going on which we treasure and nurture.

There are times when I just marvel at the magnitude of God’s blessings for Dental Focus. When I was just a dental student, all I hopes and prayed for was to have a good dental practice. Having celebrities for clients was not even in my list of dreams. Having more than one clinic was just a spark in a little corner of the mind. But God has been very generous.

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