The Dental Focus Story

Ever since I can remember, I have always dreamed of being a dentist. When I was a kid, I had dolls but while other girls played mother to their Barbies, I played dentist to mine. Of course, I’d also dress them up and all the usual stuff but, always, the highlight of my make-believe games was poking into the mouth of my dolls.

There was a time, my Mom scolded me because I slit my doll’s lips just so I can insert my fingers into them. I think one of the highest points of my childhood was when my dad gave me a doll with an open mouth with teeth as a Christmas gift.

I believe in destiny; and I believe, my being a dentist is a fulfillment of my destiny. Some people are successful at what they do but, somehow, they are not happy. I believe, that is because what they are doing is not what they have been created for. Me, I’m just so blest that my profession is also what makes me happy.

I cannot really explain the kind of joy I possess when I am with a patient. It is hard work but I do not see it as a difficulty but as a challenge that gives a tremendous feeling of fulfillment when I finally get to see my patient’s smile.

There was a time when many people were not very concerned about dental health. In their ladder of priorities, dental care did not enjoy a significant degree of importance. But that was before. I am happy to note that this has rapidly changed in recent years. There was a time when people only went to dentists for tooth extraction. But a dentist’s true calling is to save teeth. Pulling them out should be the last option. The problem was that people would come to us when it was already too late to do any saving.

But, as I said, that has changed. Now, more and more people come to dentists for oral prophylaxis. And, in Dental Focus, I am glad to find more and more children excited to come for their dental appointment. Before, children were deathly afraid of dental clinics; and dentists were in the list of “monsters” parents use to scare kids to behave well. That is not the case anymore today.

I remember, when my husband Alvin was envisioning the physical look of Dental Focus, he went to great lengths to ensure that it must have a patient-friendly atmosphere in terms of its architectural design and furnishings which promote a congenial environment. Like, Dental Focus actually feels more like a beauty parlor – with an open foyer and sitting room that immediately has a welcoming ambience. The dental chairs are in cool, open spaces with see-through dividers and not inside closed, little cubicles which can look daunting for patients. There is something scary about being alone with a dentist inside a little, antiseptic-smelling room.

And, of course, more than the physical structure, we also take pride not only in the professional efficiency of our staff but also in their friendliness and amiable attitude. I remember, one time, we had to let go of one front desk receptionist because smiling did not come naturally to her.

Also, we take pains to instill the value of customer care in our staff. We had to replace a front desk receptionist over a complaint reported by a customer. For us, it is not enough that we have the best services available. We also go the extra mile to deliver those services with authentic warmth, friendliness and generous hospitality.

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