The Website Adventure

Do you know that this website took more than half a year to do? It has been an adventure alright. There were moments of exhilaration, then frustration, then hopefulness, then disappointment, then… And finally, it is finished – and I can, at least, heave a big sigh of relief!

As I was having my beauty treatment the day before the launch of the website  held last 30 January 2012 at the Santan Ballroom of the Shangri-la EDSA Plaza Hotel, my mind went on overdrive reminiscing the past six months.

It all started with the decision to give the Dental Focus website a totally new look – interactive, integrative, dynamic, cool. As soon as that decision was made, the procession of problems – or challenges as I prefer to call them – began. But I choose not to dwell on them. Instead, I’d like to concentrate on the exciting discoveries that the adventure made possible for me.

First, I discovered that the friendships I have made because of Dental Focus were authentic. I especially refer to the friendship I have found in the hearts of movie personalities. Ang sabi nila, ang mga taga-showbiz daw ay showbiz ding kausap. I have found this to be so false. Because all my celebrity friends were more than willing to help to make this dream of a website a smashing success!

I’d like to make special mention of Ma’am Ida Henares who heads the GMA Artist Center. Not only is she very generous with her ideas and insights, she also paved the way for many of her talents to do a pictorial for the website. And her hubby Ronnie and darling daughter Steph even made time to join the photo session.

Then, there’s handsome hunk JC de Vera who had to find time in his always hectic schedule to do some spiels for the website on top of the pictorial. And so gracious was he that, although his road manager was already nagging him no end, he even lingered for a while to nibble on some lechon with us over late lunch.

I was very gratified when Optical Media Board Chief Ronnie Ricketts and his lovely wife Mariz agreed to do the pictorial and give their personal endorsement of Dental Focus.

Ahhh. My heart is so full. This space won’t be enough if I mention all the movie celebrities who gave us their time and their love. You’ll find them and their very kind words about Dental Focus in the Testimonials Page of this website. To all of them, I send all my affection and never-ending gratitude.

I am also very thankful that the development of the website has afforded me to deepen my understanding of the cyberworld. Like, I know now the difference between a bite and a byte, that a memory has got nothing to do with the past, and home may be a place you visit and not where your feet bring you after a hard day’s work.

This website, hopefully, will help us realize our desire to really open the doors of Dental Focus to the world. The buzz word nowadays is “medical tourism.” We, of course, would like to hop into all the opportunities that the tourism wagon has to offer.

Right now, we already have a growing clientele of OFW’s and foreign patients. Indeed, Filipino dentists – especially us at Dental Focus – are not only very highly skilled, we also have the loving touch. (Read all about this in the About us Page of this website.) And the price range of our services is very reasonable as compared to how dental procedures cost abroad, so…

Meanwhile, I do urge everyone to make it a habit to visit this website – everyday if possible, especially because we promise to have something new for you everyday. And do interact with us. Indeed, one special feature of the website is that it is interactive. We want to know how you feel, even how your day has been. My personal hope is that the website will make friends of us.

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