Tooth Erosion

I am 67 years old. I notice that my teeth are rotting away. I don’t mean tooth decay. What I mean is that they are getting shorter, less sharp and, I think, they have become weak because they are not as hard as before. What is happening to my teeth? They are very painful.

I think, what you are having is what is known as tooth erosion. This is the condition that happens when the tooth enamel is being worn away by acid. The enamel is the protective covering made of hard calcified tissue. Our saliva has calcium which helps strengthen the teeth by fortifying them with new minerals. This is called remineralization; but this very important function cannot happen when there is too much acid inside the mouth.

It is the accumulation of a high amount of acids in our daily food and drink that causes tooth erosion. For example, soft drinks and fruit juices have a high amount of acid.

Other medical causes of tooth erosion are: a decrease in saliva, acid reflux disease, gastrointestinal conditions and bulimia.

Of course, you need to consult your dentist to make sure exactly what is happening to your teeth. Come and visit us and we will be very glad to help you.

For now, take note if you have the following symptoms which indicate tooth erosion.

  • Discoloration – The dentin is exposed so there is yellowing of the teeth.
  • Tooth Sensitivity – The enamel that protects the teeth is slowly worn away, which exposes the dentin and makes the teeth very painful to the touch.
  • Round Shape of Teeth – DuriEarly on, the teeth begins to have a rounded shape because the corners are slowly wearing away.
  • Transparent Appearance – The tips of the front teeth look transparent.

I urge you to visit us as soon as possible. Don’t wait for your teeth to crack or to have dents, which are the severe symptoms of advanced tooth erosion. These will cause almost unbearable pain if not addressed in time.

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