Why Choose Dental Focus

Of course, our catalog of services is among the most modern and most comprehensive available today. Indeed, we make sure that we are sufficiently updated insofar as advances in dental technology are concerned.

But then, there are other clinics that are just as assiduous as we are in providing the latest services in dental care. What sets us apart is the fact that, we believe, dentistry is really not just about the tooth and nothing but the tooth so help me God. It is also about enhancing the beauty that comes from within so that it can radiate and come out in the person’s smile. It is also about developing the confidence and self esteem of the person so he can achieve his dreams and claim his own destiny.

It is also about creating the attitude for happiness and fullness of life. There are people who go through life braving the pain and torment and unnecessary stress that come from untreated tooth and gum and jaw problems. Laging masungit at mainit ang ulo, masakit lang pala ang ngipin. Laging malungkot at hindi makakain, may problema lang pala sa gilagid. Insecure sa sarili at may inferiority complex, nahihiya lang pala dahil tagpi-tagpi, sungki-sungki at mali-mali ang tubo ng ngipin.

Thanks to modern advances in dental technology, all these problems are easily remediable. All that a person needs to do is realize that he has a problem and come to us so we can find the appropriate solutions for his condition. And we have not just the modern equipment but also the best team of dental professionals.

We take pride in the fact that we have a good system of screening before accepting job applicants into our staff. After rigorous tests, we provide special training for them. In the process of selecting which must we hire, we look for some kind of X factor, especially for the dentist applicants. Kailangang magaan ang kamay. This, to me, is very important. Of course, a dentist must also know about the history of dentistry as well as the theories and applications of the latest advances in orthodontics and dental medicine, but patients don’t care as much about all that as they do about whether magaan ang kamay ng dentista o hindi.

Also, in Dental Focus, we are not just a team, we are a family. We foster an environment of relaxed friendship and kinship. This way, there is no tension, only an easy, even tranquil atmosphere. When you enter a clinic and the people there do not like each other, somehow, you get a sense of that and it does not create in you an attitude of comfort. We do not have that in Dental Focus.

Speaking of providing an attitude of comfort for our clients, this is the reason why, aside from our main branch which stands along Molino Rd. in Bacoor, Cavite, our three other clinics are located in malls. These are Dental Focus SM Molino, Dental Focus Festival Mall and Dental Focus South Mall.

This strikes at the very essence of our business philosophy in which we are presenting the dental visit as a positive, even enjoyable experience. Malling usually means shopping, video games, movies, fast food and fine dining. In other words, it is a pleasurable event that everyone looks forward to. Locating a dental clinic in a mall and making a dental appointment a part of the malling experience conditions people to positively look forward to seeing their dentist.

And, truly, a dental appointment can be a breeze. You can go to the dentist first and watch a movie after or go shopping.

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