Wow Feeling

Hi there, this is Anna and I got toothache last time. So I need to find a good dentist for me. Last week I just went to Dental Focus nearby our subdivision. By the way, Dental Focus is one of the great sponsors in the Philippine entertainment. So I think that they are of the best.

So I decided to go there and have my tooth extracted. At first I was so scared because I got a tooth extraction before which was so traumatic that time. That dentist almost murdered my gums and teeth. And from then on, that doctor that no longer in the working as a dentist due to what happen to me. In fact, she did not even have the tooth which is need to be extracted. Right now, I think I chose the right one.

When I went to Dental Focus, I saw the clinic neat and clean. The receptionist is accommodation and the even the dentist herself is so beautiful.

When I called for the tooth extraction I was so scared, but you know what, I just wrong thinking that they are not good. Dentist really knows how to pull the teeth in the right way. I never had a dramatic, traumatic and painful gums and teeth after that tooth extraction. It is a WOW feeling if I can describe.

I will come back here at Dental Focus because I had a great time with them and they are one of the best. – Anna

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